HSE Vision & Management System

At InspecTest, safety is one of our core values and we take it as a priority for our staff and customers. Our tagline “In Safe Hands” promotes our vision of “Creating an environment that is safe, caring and reliable”.

We believe that all people are entitled to the same level of safety & protection regardless of their work & position. To ensure a consistent approach for safeguarding Health, Safety and Environment, we have developed a framework which is supported by our Policy, Objectives, Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures.

The company works tirelessly to mitigate the impact of any foreseeable health, safety and environmental hazards, which may affect the quality of services it provides. This is achieved through risk assessments, reporting of unsafe acts and regular safety-walk programs. InspecT­est is committed to provide QHSE trainings to each employee regardless of their function.

We communicate openly on QHSE issues through weekly safety talks and on-site visits. We aim to ensure that we are prepared for all emergencies with a timely response and a diligent workforce ready to act, as per the requirement.