Piping Pulsation Solutions

Maintain Pipelines and its Associated Structures Integrity through InspecTest’s PPS domain.

Pipeline Pulsation Analysis:
Flow Induced Vibrations (FIVs) in piping structures cause pulsations, resulting in fatigue failure of the pipelines and must be addressed utilizing InspecTest’s Piping Pulsation Analysis Portfolio.

Pipelines Support Analysis & Redesigning;
Continuous fatigue loading due to pipeline pulsations results in inappropriate support structures, causing dislocations of supports. With varying loading conditions, solution lies with supports redesigning.

Pipeline Stress Analysis:
Pipelines are susceptible to structural and thermal stresses simultaneously due to operational constraints. Stress relievers are required to be installed but only possible when exact location of stress concentration is identified through comprehensive stress analysis. InspectTest’s Pipeline Stress Analysis domain has the capability to perform this analysis and recommend precise solution with respect to Pipeline Stress Analysis.

Pipeline Network Redesigning:
Once identified with pipeline pulsation problem and inappropriate supports issue, solution lies with redesigning pipeline redesigning as per given standards. InspecTest possess a team of experienced designers who can redesign the pipeline structures and generate this 2D/3D outputs.