Rig Audit

In order to ensure optimum performance of your rig, reduce downtime and maintain safety of your personnel, planned maintenance and accurate inspections are essential. The purpose of an inspection and/or an audit is to eliminate operational risks, mimimizing future hazards and ensure cost-effective drilling operations.

InspecTest’s rig audit service ensures that the inspection and maintenance procedures required to meet the certified equipment integrity of rig facilities are being followed.

The rig audit service helps to visualize and evaluate the present condition of all major components of a drilling rig. In addition to equipment condition assessment, our audit team also reviews the HSE Management System, Maintenance System and Crew Competence of the drilling contractor during the audit and gives recommendations for improvement according to applicable international standards and industry’s best practices.

Facets of Our Rig Audit Methodology:

  • Review of documents, plans, manuals and history files
  • Review of reports of recent overhaul or periodic maintenance
  • Review of third party reports of NDT inspections
  • Review of third party reports of emission tests, noise level tests and vehicle inspections
  • Visual Inspection, explosion proofing and noise proofing checks
  • Function tests, pressure tests, load tests and run tests
  • Collection of evidences from record and interview of personnel

Advantages for You:

  • Cost-effective services meeting all international standards and procedures
  • Reduced downtime by engaging local experts
  • Improved productivity and protection of your assets, employees and public
  • Availability of experienced and certified local resources
  • Quality rig audit reports meeting all international standards and requirements