Manpower Supply

Manpower Supply During Plant Shutdowns:
Plant turnarounds, also known as shutdowns, due to maintenance, fault and inspection of the equipment and are one of the most crucial events in the routine operation of plants. InspecTest offers a wide array of inspection and manpower supply services during annual turnarounds for industries like chemicals/petrochemicals, process, oil & gas, sugar, steel, oil and power generation.

Fabricated Equipment Inspection:
We offer stagewise and final inspection of fabricated equipment like Fire Tube Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Storage Tanks, Bullets, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Cyclones, Fire Heaters etc. The inspection is performed as per Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), Inspection & Testing Plan (ITP) standards, drawing and, codes and specification.

Non Destructive Testing:
InspecTest offers Non Destructive Testing services including Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Hardness Testing, Remote Videoscopy, Holiday Testing, Paint Adhesion Testing, Positive Material Identification, Metallography and Heat Treatment during plant shutdowns.

Industrial Inspection:
We provide in-service and risk based inspection of storage tanks, pressure vessels, fire tube boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators and pipelines as per specified API codes and standards.

Calibration & Testing Services:
We provide calibration of all parameters including temperature, pressure, dimension, flow and electrical We also offer online and offline testing of PSVs, flow meters and skilled professionals (foreign certified) for calibration of Monitoring and Measuring equipment during plant shutdowns.