Rattling Services

In rugged rig environment, cleaned drill tubes, oilfield tubing, casings enhance the efficiency as well as safety of the operations. This also enables smooth flow and results in less horsepower consumption. Some of the major causes of tubing blockage are scale and hardened mud build up in oilfield tubing, drill pipes and casing.  In addition to efficiency loss, some deposits are corrosive in nature and cause heavy damages to the tubing walls.

Traditional cleaning mechanisms like brush systems are not efficient and require rinse operation to flush debris and drilling fluids. Keeping in view the drilling industry’s requirements, InspecTest offers drill tubes cleaning services by utilizing a rattling system. The main advantage of this unique system is the cleaning of build-up in a single pass without a separate rinse operation.

InspecTest’s Rattling System (IRS) passes through the pipe with a thrust using compressed air. As abrasive cleaners are mounted on the equipment, the unit performs the cleaning of oilfield tubing, drill pipes and casing in a very short span of time.


  • Complete removal of mud & scale.
  • More productivity, less down time.
  • Smooth flow, resulting in less pump load
  • Cost efficient