How an Electric Inspector Can Help You Ensure Compliance and Safety in Your Industry

Inspectest provides a range of testing services including commissioning of newly manufactured and installed substation equipment, condition monitoring and time-based asset testing, through to fault investigation and diagnosis. Inspectest provides electrical testing services for the following products

  • Power & distribution Transformers
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Transmission Lines
  • Cables
  • Switchgear, Circuit breakers and GIS
  • Energy meters
  • Relays
  • Generators/Motors
  • Battery Bank
  • Surge Arresters
  • PAT(Portable Appliance Testing)Isolators
Test Parameters
  • DF Test
  • Transformer Turn Ratio (TTR)
  • Leakage Reactance Short Circuit
  • Excitation Current/Open Circuit
  • Winding Resistance
  • Dielectric Breakdown of oil & DGA
  • sweep Frequency Response Analysis
  • Online RFI & acoustic PD
  • Rotor Winding Resistance
  • Others
  • Product pf compliance with standards and directives.
  • Continuous monitoring of equipment.
  • Identification of potential failures at the early stages.
  • Helps in planning the maintenance works and asset management budgets.
  • Improved Safety and Reliability oil Products
  • Highly trained and certified team.
  • Prompt testing services all across Pakistan.
  • Products unexpected failures fault and costs associated
  • Protects environment.