Engine & Compressor Reliability Solutions

Performance diagnostics of reciprocating compressors & engines has always been a challenge but can be achieved with InspecTest’s ECRS capabilities.

  • Pressure Volumes Curves
  • Clylinder Pressure Time
  • Cylinder, Pressure, Volume, Ultrasonic
  • Engine Signatures with vibration & Ultrasonic
  • FFT Spectrum
  • Compressor Rod Load Plot
  • Pre/Post Overhaul Inspection

Pressure Volume Curves:
Real time Pressure vs volume curve for the engine/compressor. Actual energy produced and energy losses in the operating cycle could be addressed.

Cylinder Pressure Time:
Real time Pressure vs Crank angle curve for the engine / compressor. Peak firing pressure imbalance could be studied. Power efficiency could be monitored for each cycle/stroke during a complete revolution of the crankshaft.

Cylinder Pressure, Volume, Ultrasonic:
An overlay plot of cylinder pressure, vibration amplitudes and ultrasonic signals. Pressure changes could be directly related to the interfering factors monitored through vibration sensor and ultrasonic probe.

Engine Signatures with Vibration & Ultrasonic:
Vibration signature analysis and ultrasonic signature analysis combined on a single plot. Vibration and ultrasonic readings correlate with the engine’s health.

FFT Spectrum:
An FFT spectrum segregates and displays the effect caused by the combination of different forcing and fault frequencies. Diagnosis of the fault frequencies and their solutions.

Compressor Rod Load Plot:
Effect of Gas & Inertial Loads on the compressor piston rod is plotted in terms of pressure vs crank angle. Compressor rod load is a performance parameter for the reciprocating compressors; and thus provides details about system efficiency.