MT/PT/UT/RT Level-II certified trainings

We are providing International standards of Non-destructive training & Certification for NDT with the expertise experience and knowledge gained in the years in the industry
Our curriculum is formed to provide training programmes, best practices and leading knowledge in NDT. Here is some information about NDT training and certification in MT,UT,PT,RT and VT:
MT (Magnetic Particle Testing): MT involves the application of magnetic fields and magnetic particles to detect surface
UT (Ultrasonic Testing): UT involves the use of high-frequency sound waves to detect internal flaws, such as cracks or void
RT (Radiographic Testing): RT uses X-rays or gamma rays to create images of internal structures and defects in materials
PT (Penetrant Testing): PT is a technique used to detect surface-breaking, defects in materials, such as cracks or porosity
VT (Visual Testing): VT is a technique used to visually inspect materials and structures for defects and irregularities


There are some advantages to completing NDT ( Non-Destructive Testing)

  • Career Advancement

  • Many employers refer or require NDT certain positions in field such as aerospace

  • Higher earning potential

  • NDT certified professionals typically earn higher salaries than those without certifications

  • Increased job security

  • With NDT certifications, you are more likely to be in demand by employers and less likely to be affected by layoffs

  • Greater Professional recognition

  • NDT certification demonstrate to employers and peers that you have the knowledge and skills to perform NDT techniques effectively and Safely