Pre press is the term used in the printing and publishing industries for the processes and procedures that occur before printing and finishing.

Presentation & adjustment of textual material in a product strengthen the brand Positioning. Indeed creativity is the essence of any product as it enhances the brand perception in the mind of a consumer. For this purpose, we have professional designers who are capable of creating layouts of customized products according to the Client satisfaction..


It is an integral part of our organization as it shape our product into physical form. We have state of the art printing technology that makes our product elegant & majestic. We also use Pantone colors to create differentiation in our products.

We have following offset printing machines

Heidelberg Sorm20*301Guillotine machine2
Solna offset machine18*252Die cutting machine3
G.T.O 46 machine13*184Automatic Die Cutting1
G.T.O 52 machine14*20.53Plate making1
U.V. curing machine8*251Auto Pasting machine1
Leaflet printing machine13*181Film, scanning machine1


It takes place after a printing press set up but before the print run is underway. Certainly it is an important process as it shaped & initiate finishing of packaging products. we have used state of the art channels to create proper bend of a final product.

We have following post press machines

  • Box fitter die cutting
  • Laser die making machine
  • Auto die cutting machine
  • Auto pasting machine
  • U.V /coating machine
  • Spot U.V machine
  • Lamination machine
  • Holographic machine