Structural Dynamics Modifications

Its always a battle between ‘k’ – stiffness & ‘m’ – mass to govern dynamics of any machine by modifying ‘f’ – frequency.

  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis
  • Bump/Impact Test
  • Frame Vibration Assessment
  • Vibration Damping Solutions

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis:
Structural dynamics modifications depend upon mode of vibration responsible for vibration which can be best visualized by performing ODS Analysis. Modelling machine system into a 3D software and by recording vibration amplitude & phase data physically from the machine and then animating the 3D model by inputting the acquired data results in identifying the dynamics of the system accurately and hence, appropriate recommendations can be given for its modifications.

Bump/Impact Test:
To modify the dynamics of any machine, its natural frequencies are required to be identified first. This can be best achieved by performing Bump/Impact test on a machine. By selection of different hammer tips, various frequency ranges can be triggered to identify series of natural frequencies.

Frame Vibration Assessment:
Machine frame vibrations results in soft-footing and other problems. Identifying the mode of vibration for machine base frame is critical to observe for its accurate solution. Coupled up with Finite Element Analysis, InspecTest’s SDM portfolio has comprehensive capability to perform machines base frame assessments in an effective manner.

Vibration Damping Solutions:
Vibration damping is required to absorb high vibrations and truly linked up with machines reliability. Damping solution can only be suggested if accurate damping requirements are identified first. InspecTest’s Vibration Damping Solutions can surely serve this aspect effectively.